This is our tale hero Kekec. He lives in the mountains, he's a herdsman. He's happy, brave, curious, nosy, teasing, clever and adventurous. He likes singing and playing his whistle and zither. He's also good hearted and helps people.
He is in constant adventures with his 2 opponent: Pehta and Bedanec. Pehta is an old lady who collects herbs in the mountains and kidnaps children to work for her but also wants to cure them. She doesn't know how to show her love towards children and feels rejected by the world. And Bedanec is a wild hunter who also kidnaps children to work for him, scrub his feet and play music for him. Kekec wants him to stop chasing wild animals.
The author of the story of Kekec is Josip Vandot. There are three books about Kekec in Slovenia: Kekec on the hard path (1918), Kekec on the wolf trail (1922) and Kekec above the lonely abyss (1968). There were also three movies filmed about Kekec. The 1st was made in 1951: a movie "Kekec" and then "Good luck, Kekec" in 1963 and "Kekec's wiles" in 1968.

Kekec's song
This is the song Kekec sings and almost everybody in Slovenia knows it.

Good will is the best (also a song that Kekec sings)
This is a clip from the first mocie about Kekec in 1951.

Some more facts about Kekec ...