General characteristics of Nasreddin Hodja’s personality
From his anecdotes and the information of the resources,it is possible to evaluate his character like this:
a)Hodja has a wise character.He is aware of all the religious and exact sciences of his time.He educates himself by taking courses from the famous wise men.
b)At the same time,he is a social man.He not only takes and gives courses in the madrasahs but also he takes place in several aspects of life and events.He continues his educating job without taking class distinctions into consideration.That’s why it’s always possible to see Hodja in mosques,in madrasahs,in cafes,with statesmen,in the fields or gardens.
c)Hodja is in an observing mood of the social structure even if he is not the hero of the events.
d)He has a significant prestige over public and the administrators.He is so valued and respected that everybody consults him in any kind of situation.Therefore,he is in the position of either a teacher or a consultant.
e)The reason why he is so much accepted by his society and the following centuries is that he displays his wise with a smiling face,his soft speech and also his intelligence.This manner is both related with his personality and religious beliefs.
f)His most important characteristics are his waggery and ready replies.However,it is not true to see him as a funny man because in order to make one laugh,you must think and make others think!While reading or listening to his anecdotes ,our first reaction is smiling but after that,there comes a thinking time!!!
g)Thinking is one of his most important characteristics.He also goes on his thinking on the subjects of metaphysics such as life,death,fate…etc.


Nasreddin Hoja
On one occasion, Nasreddin borrows a kazan (large cauldron) from his neighbor. When Nasreddin returns the kazan, the neighbor sees that there is a small cooking pot in the bottom. He asks Nasreddin:
"What is this?"
Nasreddin replies: "Apparently the kazan had been pregnant and it has given birth to this small pot." The neighbor unquestioningly accepts the kazan and the pot.
Some weeks later, Nasreddin wishes to borrow the same kazan. The neighbor is only too happy to oblige. This time, a month passes. The neighbor calls on Nasreddin to inquire about his kazan. Nasreddin, with a concerned look, announces:
"I am sorry, but your kazan died."
The neighbor is puzzled. Then becoming angry, he demands:
"How could it die?"
"You believed that it gave birth, why do you not believe that it died?"

Nasreddin Hoja
One day Nasreddin brings home three pounds of meat, expecting his wife to cook it for dinner.
At dinner-time, Nasreddin finds no meat on the table. He asks his wife,
"What happened to the meat?"
His wife replies, "The cat ate it.
" Nasreddin breezes into the kitchen, puts the cat on the scales, and discovers the cat to be weighing three pounds. Nasreddin quizzically questions the result,
"If the meat I brought home weighed three pounds, then, where is the cat? And, if this happens to be the cat, then what happened to the meat?"