Hero of the Romanian folk anecdote, Pacala is known for his humor and cleverness hidden under the mask of ingenuity and simplicity. He treats the authorities in his village (the priest, the nobleman, the policeman) boldly, with sarcasticirony.
Pacalas tricks known in folklore were brought together in Petre Dulfu’s work. Other writers, such as Ion Creanga and Ioan Slavici, were also interested in this character
Pacala is an important hero in Romanian popular tradition. He is always making fun of everything is wrong with the human behavior, like : stupidity, greed and other bad things that can be found in humans. His actions bring damages to the mean,evil or materialistic people. So besides the jokes, the movie has an important philosophical layer, Pacala's independent way of being, free spirit and his love for nature bring joy to the good people and creates a way o seeing life.
He is also considered to be the popular Romanian trickster-figure, decides to settle down in his home village after years of travelling around. He soon realises that in his village, just like in the rest of the world, envy, greed, and unfaithfulness determine people’s behaviour. Yet, clever Pacala always manages to trick them and ends up laughing at human stupidity