Once upon a time there was a boy called Keloğlan. Our Keloğlan earnt his life as a shepherd.
One day…

His mother says: My dear son, I want to tell you something. Your age is enough to get married and I want to see your happiness.
Keloğlan says: Dear mum, If you want, I can get married, but the girl whom I get married must be the King’s daughter.
His mother says: Oh, dear. You’re just a shepherd. How will the King give a permission about his daughter’s marriage with you? We will find another girl who is suitable for you.
Keloğlan says: No. What haven’t I got? I’m a young boy like a lion. I can look after my wife.
His mother says: OK. I will go to the King’s palace and I will want his daughter.

She went to the palace and when she came to the gate of the palace, the guards stopped her.

-Two guards waiting for the gate-
One says: Stop here ! Where are you going?
His mother says: I must talk to the King about an important thing.

-One of the guards went to the King and told about the woman.-
The King says: OK. She can come.
-The guards took the woman to the King-
The King says: Come here, woman. What’s this important thing?
His mother says: My dear King, I don’t know how to tell. Please don’t get angry with me!
The King says: All right, I won’t get angry. Tell!
His mother says: I have a son who is in his marriage age. His name’s Keloğlan. I want him to get married like all mothers. But he insists on getting married with your daughter. I can’t persuade him. He says “I’m a young boy like a lion, The King can give me his daughter.”. My dear King, you will decide!
The King says: (laughed) Keloğlan is right. He’s a brave boy. I can give my daughter to this brave young boy, but I will want something. He will come here to get my daughter after learning Ali Cengiz tricks.
His mother says: (got surprised) Thanks a lot, my dear King, I will tell my Keloğlan.

-At Home-
His mother says: Keloğlan, The King will give you his daughter but you must learn Ali Cengiz tricks.
Keloğlan says: Ok, mum. Now I’m going and I’ll learn that.

There was a man called Ali Cengiz in their town. He knew all the magical tricks If a person wanted to learn these tricks, he would get a gold coin for each day, and after forty days, he asked “Did you learn?” to his learner, if the learner “Yes”, Ali Cengiz killed him. Because he didn’t want anybody these. He went to Ali Cengiz’s house and says…

Keloğlan says: I want to learn Ali Cengiz tricks.
Ali Cengiz says: OK, but lessons last forty days and I get a gold coin for each day. Do you have forty gold coins?

Keloğlan says: -thinks “I can give the coins after the lessons, when I get married with the princess, I will pay.”-
Yes, I have, but I will give the coins after finishing the lessons.
Ali Cengiz says: OK, I accept. You will stay at my home.

Ali Cengiz showed some magi cal tricks. On the thirty-ninth day...

Ali Cengiz’s wife says: Did you learn Ali Cengiz tricks?
Keloğlan says: Yes, I learnt.
Ali Cengiz’s wife says: (felt pity for Keloğlan) Keloğlan, I will tell you something. When Ali Cengiz asks you “Did you learn?”, if you say “I learnt”, he will kill you. Because he doesn’t want anybody to know his tricks. If you tell “I didn’t learn.”, you will be free.
Keloğlan says: Thank you very much (kissed her hand)
Ali Cengiz says: Did you learn my tricks?
Keloğlan says: No, I didn’t learn. I forgot some of them and some tricks are so difficult.
Ali Cengiz says: OK, give my coins and go.
Keloğlan says: I left the coins from my mother. Let me go and bring the coins.
Ali Cengiz says: I will wait for you.

-At Home-
His mother says: Oh my son, you have come back. Did you learn Ali Cengiz tricks?
Keloğlan says: Yes. I can fly like a bird, I can run fast like a horse. Ohh you can’t guess, what I know.
His mother says: OK, we can g oto the King’s palace, then.

When Keloğlan and his mother set out, Ali Cengiz understood that because Keloğlan didn’t want to be killed, he said “I didn’t learn”. Ali Cengiz learnt that they went to the palace. And he reached them.
When Keloğlan saw Ali Cengiz, he became a small bird and flew away. Ali Cengiz became an eagle and followed him. While the eagle caught the bird, the bird came into the window of the princess’s room. When the bird saw her, it became a bunch of roses in her hands.
Mean while Ali Cengiz entered the palace and went near the King with guards.

Ali Cengiz says: A bird has taken my roses and left them on one of the windows. My dear King may I take my roses please?

-The Princess came-
The Princess says: I don’t want to give these roses.
The King says: You should give them. We can grow more beautiful roses.

While the Princess was giving them, the roses became pieces of wheat. Ali Cengiz became a hen and started to eat the wheet.
All people in the palace got surprised.
Keloğlan became a fox and ate the hen. Then the fox became Keloğlan again.

Keloğlan says: My dear King, I’m Keloğlan. I learnt Ali Cengiz tricks as you saw. Now nobody knows his tricks except me. I will do these tricks to help people. Will you give me your daughter?
The King says: -Hmm and (asks his daughter-) Yes, I accept your marriage with my daughter.

Keloğlan and Princess got married, and lived happily forever.