Dean and Jack made this animation about Robert Burns.
P6B made these haggises. Address to the Haggis, by Robert Burns is recited by Jack, P7B and A Man's a Man is sung by some of the P7 choir.
Joshua, P7 wrote this story to read to the nursery children. Erin and Zoe did the illustrations
The four pupils coming to Romania made this stop animation of our tale hero, Hamish, the Haggis.
The haggis bashing season is in full swing, so Hamish and his friends are hiding in caves deep in the mountains. They do not want to be captured! The pupils from P7B have used clay to make a haggis. These are the results!
Hamish is our tale hero. He lives in the highlands of Scotland. The dawn of a New Year means a big, noisy party for nearly all Scots. For Hamish, Hogmanay is the start of many days keeping his head down hiding in a deep, dark hole. Hogmanay marks the start of the Haggis Bashing season.
Hamish has been in the hole for ages. He has long finished eating all this thistle sandwiches and is on the last page of his one and only book. He is very bored and very hungry and wants to go out to play.
The Haggis Bashers are usually very noisy so Hamish listens hard at the opening of the hole. It seems to be quiet outside. Maybe the Haggis Bashers have gone

home for the day! he decides to leave the hole in search of more thistles to make sandwiches. Big mistake!